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    Shep Dreams of Home: a Bedtime Story

    It’s a bedtime story (just 1,222 words) and a children’s story for all. Shep, an unwanted puppy with a big head and long teeth, is rejected by his owners for accidentally bumping into things, including them.He finds himself out on his own in a dangerous world. His goal of finding someone who will accept him as he is, lands him in the home of the Lonely Man.Together, the two experience the joys of friendship. As Shep grows into his big head and teeth, he saves the day by using his natural gifts against an intruder.A feel good story for any age, perfect for an inspiring bedtime read for young kids.1,222 words. Subjects include: bedtime stories, short stories for kids, preschool, dogs, children short stories, dog stories for kids, puppy books for kids