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    Incarnation: Wandering Stars Volume One

    Humanity’s greatest enemies will be revealed! Book 1 of 4 in the bestselling Wandering Stars series Since the ages before time was measured, the angelic races have existed. Unseen by our eyes, they move through creation, shaping our world, sustaining our existence, and battling demonic hordes. But the war is changing; the battle lines are expanding into new frontiers and the next epoch is emerging. Centuries after the first humans were exiled from their home, their descendants have pushed eastward into a prehistoric wilderness. In a land shrouded by mist and superstition, primitive tribes struggle to establish new civilizations, unaware that their world is about to change forever. Weary from unceasing conflict, Sariel—legendary warrior of the Eternal Realm—crosses into the Temporal in search of the only one who can bring him peace. But he is not the first; others have already begun their inhabitation. As the dominance of their kingdom spreads, threatening to engulf all of humanity, Sariel finds himself standing between his own kind and the one he loves and must embrace the life he abandoned in order to secure her freedom. In this riveting prequel to the Amazon bestselling Awakened series, Jason Tesar sets in motion a sweeping fantasy epic birthed at the very foundations of mankind, when our prehistoric world collided with supernatural forces, spawning an age of mythological creatures and heroes. Interview with the Author Q – What was the inspiration for the Wandering Stars series? A – I’ve always been fascinated by the subject of angels, fallen angels, Nephilim, and demons. As a religious person, I carried this metaphysical perspective into my study of myths and legends. And to my surprise, I found much common ground between it and the Greek & Roman gods, as well as the heroes and monsters of Norse and Viking mythology. I wondered if one might have caused the other … if the myths were actually true at their core. As I constructed the fictional universe of The Awakened series from this idea, imagining how the story would play out in our modern existence, I couldn’t help but be drawn-in by the backstory as well. And the more I imagined, the surer I became that such an epic beginning required its own series. Q – What makes this story unique? A – Like many other fantasy authors, I have enjoyed reading the stories of Tolkien. The richness and depth of his invented cultures and history are an inspiration. While that level of authenticity is also the goal for my own writing, Wandering Stars pushes the conventions of the epic fantasy genre in a completely different direction. By building upon a foundation of comparative mythology and tweaking some of its assumptions, I’ve created a story that offers a unique and exciting view into our own origins. And the result is not your standard fare of elves and dwarves, swords and sorcery, or knights and dragons. While some of those elements are present, the civilizations are original, and the environment is immersive. What you’ll find is a tale that is both realistic and fantastical. Unique, yet familiar. It is a large-scale, prehistoric clash of civilizations that will challenge what you think you know about our world.