• Young Adult

    Resistance: A Near Future Adventure Romance (The Phoenix Enigma Book 1)

    A sinister attack. A dangerous city. An abandoned child. The old cities are flooded, crops have failed, and resource wars have wrecked most things from refineries to satellites. It was the day Jac discovered how precarious her life had become. Her love of nature and steadfast loyalty to her remote forest community no longer weaves the illusion of safety she has believed for so long. Driving damaged roads to a city she hasn’t seen for six years, Jac uncovers disturbing truths about the ruthless Avarit imperium controlling their lives. And then… she has never met anyone like Raine, the mysterious and charismatic leader of the outlawed forest rangers. She offers her medic skills to the Resistance, caught between the Avarit military and the terrorist F2 gangs inflicting havoc on the city and Outlander families. Maybe she will discover why her father was killed… But would you risk everything for freedom? Resistance is the first book in the Phoenix Enigma series, the dystopian romance epic from Jay Aspen. Publisher’s note; The Phoenix Enigma series is best read in chronological order. Each book has character arcs and resolution of sub plot within the longer series arc. Readers who prefer the whole story and character depth all at once can download The Phoenix Enigma Box Sets. Read more
  • Young Adult

    Duneflyer: A Future-Fantasy Adventure (Stormweaver Book 1)

    A mysterious stranger. A murderous ambush and a sinister plot in the deep desert. Alissa returns home from university, still haunted by the death of her sister and a restlessness that keeps drawing her back into the great sand sea of Irithen, the dangerous heart of a remote province on a distant planet. Her attempt to save the life of the young and charismatic Talin throws her into a whirlwind of hidden agendas and a ruthless military attack. Only her mental and physical skills can keep her alive in this vast expanse of sand, heat, giant lizards and poisonous scorpions. Learning to fly a huge condor before it kills her would help as well. Duneflyer is the first book in the Stormweaver series, the far-future fantasy epic by Jay Aspen.
  • Young Adult

    Shadowblade (A Dance of Fire and Shadow Book 1)

    Ariel knows that to accept the Shadowblade’s deadly gift of fighting skill and power is the first step on a dark path to tyranny. Blade adepts are hated and feared––and ultimately hunted down and killed. She has no choice. It’s her only chance to rescue her sister from capture and slavery by the ruthless Rapathian invaders. It feels like a desperate but simple decision until she meets Marin, Captain of the Eldrin, the elite force protecting King and realm from attack. Pledged to defend their country, they are also sworn to capture and kill dangerous Blade adepts. Now Ariel has to convince Marin and his highly skilled team of fighters to help her rescue her sister––and that they can trust her to fight alongside them. Failure means instant death. But the path to success is long and hard. Love and war would be complex enough without having to resist the temptation that too much power brings––or the interference of powerful Elementals focused on revenge…. Shadowblade is the first book of A Dance of Fire & Shadow, the new fantasy series from Jay Aspen. Perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas and J R R Tolkein