• Romance

    Like and Subscribe

    In “Like and Subscribe,” Jay Bell, the award-winning author of Something Like Summer, takes you on a thrilling ride through the challenges of love and desire as a fan’s dreams come true when she meets the hunky guy from YouTube – but there’s a catch, his less-than-pleased boyfriend stands in the way. Can love conquer love? Discover the answer in this new and captivating short story.
  • Young Adult

    The Boy At the Bottom of the Fountain

    Sometimes dreams come true… whether you’re ready for them or not. Shane was only fourteen when found a photo of a boy his age and became obsessed with it. Now, thirteen years later, he has a chance encounter with a man who bears a striking resemblance. Already in a happy relationship, Shane must keep his fantasies in check while attempting to solve the mystery, but little does he realize just how many connections they share. The Boy at the Bottom of the Fountain is a heartwarming story about love in its many forms, be they real or imagined. Read more