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    The Royal Arrangement

    A billionaire prince searches for a new wife in this intriguing tale of power and seduction from USA Today bestselling author Jeana E. Mann.
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    Intoxicated (Felony Romance Book 1)

    ‚ÄúThis is the story of a good girl and a bad boy who can’t fight their feelings for one another and end up changing just enough to meet in the middle.” An uptight accountant meets her match with a playboy bartender in the dirtiest club in town. THIS BOOK IS NOT ABOUT ADULTERY. Ally Taylor turns out the lights of her office, catches a cab to the seamy side of town, and slides onto a barstool at Felony Bar, a notorious underground club. The bartender, Jack Jameson, slides a gin and tonic across the counter before she says a word because he already knows what she likes. His broad shoulders, tattoos, and dreamy dark eyes promise everything missing from her life. Spontaneity. Promiscuity. Adventure. When Jack nods toward a secret door, she follows. She wants to taste him, feel him, use him to forget all the pain of her broken engagement. One-night stands are a dime a dozen at Felony Bar, but Jack’s not a kid anymore, and he’s tired of waking up in someone else’s bed. Ally’s calm and cool control fuels the animal inside him. He yearns to break that control, to get a taste of the passion lurking inside her. In spite of his playboy ways, he wants more than sex, more than temporary, more than meaningless. Can he find what he needs in Ally? When love comes calling, they may not have a choice. One-click now and begin this intriguing series. 2013 Cleveland Rocks RWA Award Winner2014 International Digital Award Finalist2014 Carolyn Readers Choice Award Finalist This is book 1 of 6 in the series. Although Intoxicated can be read as a standalone, Jack and Ally’s story continues throughout the next five books. Series reading order:IntoxicatedUnexpectedVindicatedImpulsiveDriftCommitted
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    The Exiled Prince (The Exiled Prince Trilogy Book 1)

    "The Exiled Prince is a fabulous, quick read. I honestly couldn’t put it down!" –Amazon reviewer. One night. No names. No faces. It should have been simple. I’ve never been reckless with my heart until I meet a handsome stranger at a secret masquerade ball. From the glint of his dark eyes, he knows I don’t have an invitation. I’m not rich or a celebrity. I’m just the personal assistant of someone important. Instead of showing me the door, he escorts me through the gardens and into a world of decadence, sin, and forbidden pleasures. From the moment we meet, I can’t stop thinking about him. The way his hands feel on my hips. The press of his hard chest against mine. Everything about this night is a sham except for the way he owns my body. Tomorrow, I’ll go back to my normal life and forget this ever happened. Tonight, I’m going to live it up. Except…this isn’t the ending. It’s just the beginning. A few months later, my new boss is the billionaire exiled prince from the masquerade, and I’m in serious trouble. Cinderella meets Fifty Shades in this dark, royalty romance. One-click today. ***This book was formerly released as Sex, Lies, & Lipstick, part of the Bad Boy Billionaire Bachelors Boxset and can be read as a standalone. THE EXILED PRINCE TRILOGY in reading order:The Exiled PrinceThe Dirty PrincessThe War King Coming soon:The Royal ConsortThe Rebel Queen