• Mysteries & Thrillers

    Case of the Holiday Hijinks

    Mysteries & Thrillers

    Case of the Holiday Hijinks

    Join the fearless corgis Sherlock and Watson as they team up with their reluctant owner Zack to solve a string of Christmas present thefts in Pomme Valley. This delightful and cozy mystery series will keep you guessing until the very end!
  • Young Adult

    Harness the Fire (The Dragons of Andela Book 1)

    Life wasn’t easy on Andela. If you happen to be a fire dragon, like Zeira, status in the eyes of your peers is everything. However, when you possess a unique delivery system for your pyrotechnical abilities, public gatherings become situations to avoid. When an unknown force begins to threaten the peace they have with their neighbors, Zeira decides to answer her king’s call for help. After all, if she could just find herself a kai, then perhaps, with the help of her rider, she could overcome her … disability, and earn the status she so desperately craved. The only problem was, where was she supposed to find one of the elusive bipeds? Setting out on a mission to find herself a rider, Zeira defies advice and logic and heads north, out of her home region. With the danger of Fading weighing heavily on her mind, Zeira encounters other dragons with similar plights, but nothing could prepare her for what’s waiting for them out there! Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Lost City (Tales of Lentari Book 1)

    Breslin the dwarf joins an expedition topside to aid his friends, Athos and Venk, in a quest to determine how to remove a magical mark from the back of Venk’s young son, Lukas.People have searched for the lost city of Nar for centuries, dedicating their lives and their entire fortunes in a desperate attempt to lay claim to fabled treasures, weapons, and technology far superior than any in existence today. When a mysterious mark appears on the back of a dwarf it offers tantalizing clues which suggest the city might be finally within reach.Breslin, whom we first met in Prophecy (Bakkian Chronicles #1) returns to join an expedition headed Topside to look for answers. Together they must track down creatures thought to be extinct, try to infiltrate the nest of a rare dragon, and then assemble an ancient relic which no one knows how to use.Join in on the fun as five dwarves – and one dragon – attempt to solve the most unusual treasure hunt anyone has ever seen!Author’s Note: All Tales of Lentari novels are written as standalone stories and can be read in any order. Read more