• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Crash: a Clean Scottish Romance

    Edinburgh University student, Martin Moffatt, plans for a successful life backed by his father’s wealth. But any hope of normal is destroyed when black market entrepreneur, Derrick Lloyd, kidnaps him off the street for ransom. Bad timing—for the world is descending into chaos after a massive stock market crash. Shona McGrath, a waitress form a rough part of Edinburgh, is a woman with a cause—any cause. While attending a protest, Shona is abducted and thrown into Martin’s new life. With his wealth disappearing overnight, Martin’s father is slow to pay the ransom. Will Martin become a slave to Lloyd for life? The world they know will never be the same, but some things never change. Like the desire to be free, the strength of the human spirit—and love. The Crash, a novella, is the first book in the Community Chronicles Series. If you like fearless heroes, dedicated love, and time travel in a Scottish setting, then you’ll love this gripping series by Jenn Lees. Get The Crash and start the journey today.