Witches of Wyvern’s Landing: Discovery

    Violet and Scarlet are just like every other child their age: energetic and excitable. Being twins means having a constant playmate, and they’ve been thick as thieves since the moment they were born, balancing each other and playing confidante or co-conspirator as needed. Violet, older by a few minutes (and don’t you forget it) is her father’s daughter; level-headed, curious, eager to learn. Scarlet is the fierier and more whimsical of the two, always getting them into trouble. Together, they run around their gardens and into the park near their house, having grand adventures where they fight dragons and brew potions in their wild imaginations. After all, magical ability manifests by the age of thirteen, and that birthday came and went, and no one in the family has shown any magical inclination that they know about. They are perfectly normal young girls with their whole lives ahead of them, content with their parents in a grand, comfortable home in Virginia, where nothing dramatic ever happens. Until, one night, their Aunt Cal – a mysterious and chaotic woman at the best of times, who comes and goes like a summer storm with no concern for the drama she stirs in her wake – visits their parents, a month after their thirteenth birthday. She comes bringing news of the impossible – magical blood is in their family line. Violet and Scarlet may be powerful witches and must go to Wyvern’s Landing immediately to be assessed. Suddenly, these two perfectly normal girls might not be as normal as they thought they were. A real adventure awaits them at Wyvern’s Landing, a magical school hidden in the rural flatlands of Ohio. Behind the veil and within the hallowed halls, excitement and danger and mystery await, as well as burgeoning power that will require both of them to harness and control.