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    The Camping and Survival Prepping Handbook: A comprehensive guide with a campground directory, checklist of tools you need, stockpiling secrets, & the … with Jessica Clarkson Book 1)

    Whether you are planning to explore the wilderness by camping in North America, or want to learn about preparing at home in case of an emergency or crisis, The Camping and Survival Prepping Handbook will teach you essential tips, strategies and hacks for camping in the wilderness as well as being prepared for any crisis or natural disaster. Doing your homework and planning accordingly, will make any camping trip go smoothly and safely which is great practice survival prepping for any emergency or crisis. Living a rewarding and enjoyable lifestyle is important and camping and prepping are both healthy and productive ways to take charge of your life. My name is Jessica Clarkson, I have been an avid outdoor enthusiast my whole life and have devoted my life to finding better ways of living it! I am now sharing my knowledge with you. Learning essential outdoor skills and being prepared for anything will give you piece of mind and give you a feeling of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. It is time to take charge, get back to basics, and secure your own future! The Camping and Survival Prepping Handbook will provide insight into the different types of camping in North America, as well as tips for survival prepping in the wilderness and how to best prepare at home for natural disasters and other crisis. You also get an updated directory of the best State, Provincial and National parks for camping in Canada and the USA. In the The Camping and Survival Prepping Handbook you will learn about: Checklists and Tips Types of Camping, Organizing and Planning your Camping Trip Fire, Flames, Food Prepping, Stockpiling and Foraging Tents, Tarps, Sleeping Bags and Setting up your Camp First Aid and North American Wild Animal Awareness Navigation Tips, Troubleshooting and Extremes Stockpiling Food, Natural Disaster and Crisis Prepping at Home Directory of The best National, State and Provincial parks for camping in the USA and in Canada Access to my BONUS BOOK “Preserving Food at Home” and that’s not all! Are you ready to learn some new essential skills that everyone should know? Do you want to get back to basics and be more self-sufficient and prepared for anything that comes your way? Get started by learning about camping adventures and survival prepping! Don’t delay, click “BUY NOW” today! Read more