• Paranormal

    Now It’s For Always: a sweet & clean contemporary archaeological romance (Prince Edward Island Love Letters & Legends Book 2)

    A sassy jewelry designer & her ex almost-fiance find a lost pirate treasure & get a second chance at love… New Yorker Maggie Kilhoughery has always loved Prince Edward Island—not so much her ex, Dr. Zak Stuart. When her latest jewelry design research leads her straight back to the beautiful island she swore she’d never return to, she also comes face-to-face with her ex and his nautical archaeology project. Amid rumors of a lost pirate treasure, she doesn’t know whether it’s time to jump ship on her dreams or risk losing her heart—again. After years of hard work & heartbreak, Dr. Zak Stuart knows in his gut he’s about to uncover the find of a lifetime—the legendary Ghost Ship of the Northumberland Strait. But when Maggie shows up searching for answers about his family stories connected to the ghost ship and the pirate queen who commanded it, he isn’t sure his project—or his heart—is ready for her. When the pair stumbles across riddles tied to a hidden pirate treasure, will they also uncover a second chance at the treasure of true love? If you love treasure hunts combined with toe-curling kisses and charming island views, you’ll love this! Each book in this sweet and clean archaeological romance series can be read as a standalone, and is a full-length novel. Read more