• Young Adult

    The Art of Being Friends (A Pact Between the Forgotten Book 1)

    Raven:Being the new girl is always hard, especially when you’re socially awkward. But when my family decides to move to Honeyton at the beginning of my senior year, I try to look at it as a chance to start over. And it kind of looks like I might succeed. Not only do I make a new friend, but I also meet Hunter Hathingford. Hunter is gorgeous, charming, and sweet. And while I’m definitely attracted to him, we both decide it’s a good idea for us to just be friends. But not everything in this new town is what it seems. Everyone has secrets. Including Hunter. Hunter:I’m known as the biggest flirt in school, which is fine, even if it’s not entirely true. Sometimes I wish I could be myself and that I didn’t have to be Hunter Hathingford, son of the most wealthy and corrupt man in Honeyton. But since everyone in this town knows who I am, that doesn’t seem very realistic. That is until a new girl moves to town. Raven Wilowwynter is sweet, beautiful, and probably one of the most amusing girls I’ve ever met. And even though I can’t stop thinking about kissing her, we make a deal to just be friends. But I’m worried how long that’ll last when she finds out the truth about who I really am. A sweet YA high school mystery romance series. Books in the A Pact Between the Forgotten Series:1. The Art of Being Friends 2. Untitled (coming soon)