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    Happiness: A Little Guide to Self-Love and Positive Thinking

    LIMITED-TIME BONUS: FREE Beginner’s Guide to Meditation Happiness: A Little Guide To Self-Love And Positive Thinking For a limited time only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99.Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. Happiness. This is probably the most sought after emotion in the world and yet somehow, despite our abundance of wealth, increase in health and freedom from tyrannical oppression it seems to have grown more elusive. We have confused our quest to find inner peace with our desires for success and financial gain. Again and again the world transmits a message that if you work really hard you will become really successful and from there happiness will be a bi-product that just follows naturally. People in the rich industrialized countries are now wealthier than they have been at any time in our history and yet all the evidence points to the fact that we are now unhappier than we have ever been. What can it be that we are getting wrong? Why is it that depression levels, even among adolescents, are sky rocketing? We are not the first people to go in search of the answers to this problem. It is an age-old dilemma that dates back thousands of years but which seems to be reaching a crisis level at the moment. The last fifty years have seen huge leaps forward in our knowledge of the workings of the human brain and the psychology associated with it. Science has already answered many of the questions we have in regard to happiness and as you delve deeper into this book you are going to learn that your happiness levels are not just something that happen to you or are the result of the circumstances in which you find yourself. You can develop your brain’s receptiveness to happiness in much that same way as you are able to develop your physical stamina: through discipline and effort combined with some education as to how the mind works. The techniques that you are about to read are not complicated or taxing. They are not dependent on hours of positive reinforcement methodology designed to trick your mind into believing something that it does not want to. In fact, deep down inside, you are about to discover that much of what it takes to be really happy you already knew. It had just become buried beneath a constantly deepening layer of disinformation telling you that happiness equaled money plus success. We are about to bust that myth wide open and offer a different route altogether. Here Is A Preview Of What You Can Learn From This Book How Our Minds Work Follow Your Thoughts Try a Little Gratitude Kindness Counts Meditation And Much More Download your copy today!What are you waiting for? Download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! Tags: Happiness, Self-Love, Positive Thinking, Mindfulness Meditation, Chakras, Chakra Healing, Chakra Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Mindfulness, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Spirituality, Holism, Healing Energy, Zen, Awakening, Spiritual