• Romance

    The Duke Who Stole My Heart: A Clean & Sweet Historical Regency Romance (Sweet Regency Tales Book 1)

    The Duke Who Stole My Heart is the sweet/tame version of The Duke’s Bride. My dearest brother, Harry, if you receive this letter it will be because I’ve eloped with an honorable American shipping merchant and will soon be sailing far from England to his home in the Americas. This decision doesn’t come easily. I’ve tried my best to convince your dear friend, the Duke of Ashten, to live again and remove himself from his own self-imposed exile, but in doing so I have instead been reminded of the day he first stole my heart. Eight years old, I was at the time, six years younger than the two of you. I adored chasing you both down to the river, climbing trees, and watching you fish. That was when I first fell in love with Ashten, but unfortunately that love is not reciprocated, even though I wish it were. Our dear sister posts this letter to you on my behalf as my valise is now packed and I’m about to escape from under Mama’s eagle eyes for Gretna Green. An adventure awaits me, one hopefully without a brooding duke and a battle of wills at play. Please, remain safe during this dreadful war. I miss you, terribly. Your ever-loving sister, Ellie. Each book in this series is standalone, and can be enjoyed out of sequence.SWEET REGENCY TALES SERIESThe Duke Who Stole My Heart, #1The Earl I Adore, #2To Love During War, #3My Secret and the Earl, #4The Prince Who Captured Me, #5 Read more
  • Young Adult

    Protector (Princesses of Myth Book 1)

    *Readers say PROTECTOR is a “must read” for teens and young adults.* Thousands of copies have been sold worldwide. This book hit #5 on the New York Times Best Sellers List in the collection titled Dark Humanity. This is ADVENTUROUS, MAGICAL, and ADDICTIVE ROMANCE that spans worlds. An Amazon Top 6 Bestseller in the Dark Humanity set. In a world divided by war, a rival prince and princess shall meet… Here comes a young adult story like no other. First love, epic fantasy, addictive reading. Faith Stryker never expected her lost father would be a warrior prince from another world, or that she would come into coveted magical skills on her eighteenth birthday. Now, she must take a leap of faith when her father suddenly arrives to claim her. He asks her to leave Earth with him, to give up all she’s ever known, and to embrace a new world—her legacy. It’s time for her to accept her place as a princess of Dralion, to wield her burgeoning battle skill, and to fight alongside her new nation’s fierce band of warriors. When Prince Davio Loveria discovers he’s mated to Faith, the lost daughter from his rival nation, he must either accept his bond with her, or give her up forever. His head tells him to set her aside, that no match can possibly be made between them, but each time he comes into contact with her, his heart still demands he fight for their developing bond. Is it possible for love to grow as a relentless war rages? “Teenagers and young adults are gonna love this book. I haven’t read such an interesting and adventurous fantasy series in a while, and this one was perfect. My friends are all grabbing their copies since I’ve raved about it so much. I’m already reading book two and can’t wait to jump into book three.” HOOKED! Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ “Incredible writing. This author drew me into the story from the first page and I couldn’t put this book down. I love reading young adult/new adult books and this was a clean read which I just adored. Can’t wait to read book two.” Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ “HOLY FREAKING AMAZE-BALLS! – I absolutely fell in love with this book and would recommend it to anyone.” Endless Reading Reviewer ★★★★★ Don’t miss grabbing your copy today. Scroll up and hit “buy” to discover the book readers are enthralled with. Each book in this series is standalone, and can be enjoyed out of sequence.PRINCESSES OF MYTH SERIESProtector, #1Warrior, #2Enchanter, #3Healer, #4Chaser, #5Hunter, #6 (Novella 12,000 words) Slots into series at #2.5