• Romance

    New Beginnings: Adam & Jacqueline’s Story: Part One

    BOX SET AVAILABLE NEW BEGINNINGS PART ONE Jacqueline has left her home in San Diego to escape her abusive ex-husband Dwayne. Driving north along the California coast, she comes to the picturesque town of Horseshoe Bay. After befriending some of the locals, she decides it will be the perfect place to disappear, forget her past, and move on with her new life as a single woman. But then she meets her mysterious, brooding neighbor and learns of his questionable history and unfavorable reputation in town. And an email from an old friend warns her that Dwayne continues to search for her. Nervous about new possibilities and wary of old problems, Jacqueline is still determined to make things work in Horseshoe Bay. Suspenseful yet romantic, New Beginnings Part 1 brings the vistas of the northern California coast to life and gives hope for the possibility of a second chance at love. WARNING: The book ends in a cliff-hanger. There is a prequel to this story; SEA OF LIES: JACQUELINE & DWAYNE’S STORY For readers who enjoy Clean and Wholesome romance and Second Chance love stories, it won’t disappoint.