• Historical Fiction

    The Runes Of Victory (The Sceapig Chronicles Book 1)

    In 798 AD, the peaceful life of deer herder Deormund is overturned when Vikings arrive to raid the isle of Sceapig. Pursued by the marauders, he kills their chieftain and takes his sword as a trophy, unaware that there is more to the weapon than meets the eye. Compelled by a neighbouring thegn to join his bodyguards, Deormund’s prowess increases the leader’s respect for him. But after the Vikings attack again, this time on Lyminge Abbey, he is forced to reassess his attitude to life. Tasked by the Archdeacon of Canterbury to defend the island, Deormund prepares to face a fearsome foe. But what power do the inscriptions on the blade have, and why are the Vikings so driven to reclaim it? Set in late 8th century England, The Runes Of Victory is a riveting historical adventure that captures the spirit of the chaotic medieval times. Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Elfrid’s Hole (Jake Conley Book 1)

    After aspiring novelist Jake Conley regains consciousness from a coma, he discovers he’s affected by synaesthesia, and that his now cross-wired brain endows him with heightened psychic powers. Jake’s research on the Northumbrian King Aldfrith takes him to Elfrid’s Hole in North Yorkshire, where – as legend relates – the king sheltered after a bloody battle. What Jake doesn’t realize is that his investigation has unleashed a series of deadly paranormal events, in which Jake himself becomes the prime suspect. Fighting to clear his name and overcome the hostility of Detective Inspector Mark Shaw, can Jake follow through – and bring peace to a soul tormented by over a thousand years? Read more