• Horror

    The Vampire Maurice (Fat Vampire Chronicles Book 1)

    The mob is out for blood — literally! At the height of prohibition, the real threat on the streets of 1929 Chicago isn’t Al Capone and his empire built on bootleg whiskey; it’s the vampire mafia. And the liquid they trade is of an altogether deadlier variety. In this hidden world, the vampire mafia is bootlegging an addictive and deadly synthetic blood called Thrill. When the vampire Maurice discovers their blood-running operation, he must act to stop the flow of bootlegged blood, or risk the power balance of the vampire world tipping entirely into the hands of those who have been corrupted. But the mafia doesn’t take kindly to interlopers, even those with fangs. The Vampire Maurice is book one of the Fat Vampire Chronicles a brand-new series set in the world of Johnny B. Truant’s bestselling Fat Vampire series. Download your copy today! Read more
  • Horror

    Fangs and Fame

    Sometimes the safest place to hide is directly in the public eye. Someone has been glamouring Dr. Annabel Rice, and Maurice is not happy about it. Especially when he figures out what kind of information they are trying to glean. This time, hiding in the shadows isn’t going to work. When a TV producer approaches Maurice about turning some unfortunate online videos of Reginald being a vampire (which the human world assumes are hilarious fakes) into a real TV show, Maurice and Reginald hide from dangerous vampires by enmeshing themselves in the complex world of the small silver screen. Will the fame go to Maurice’s head? And can the good guys stay alive long enough to see Reginald’s TV show wrap and outwit their stalkers? Fangs and Fame is the fourth book of Johnny B. Truant’s Fat Vampire Chronicles, a spinoff of his bestselling Fat Vampire series. If you’ve been enjoying the exploits of Maurice, you won’t want to miss this latest installation from his centuries-long life. Download your copy today! Read more