• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Birth of Assassins: A coming-of-age assassin fantasy prequel (Dawn of Assassins)

    Before they were assassins… Life is tough, but it’s hell when you’re a street kid. Fedor works as a shoeshine boy, earning scraps to survive in the shadow of the priests. When a gang of thieves takes him under their wing, Fedor sees a side of life he never knew existed. But as he is dragged deeper into the gang, he is forced down a path he doesn’t want. Will he turn his back on the priests, or risk becoming ‘fair game’? Can he survive the initiation? Who can he really trust? Set in the same universe as The Ravenglass Chronicles, Birth of Assassins is the prequel novel to Jon Cronshaw’s series Dawn of Assassins, a coming-of-age high fantasy featuring assassins, thieves, and magic… Get your copy now, because everyone loves a scoundrel. Read more