• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Undisclosed (Undisclosed Trilogy, Book 1)

    Read the breakout novel in the bestselling Undisclosed trilogy by Jon Mills__________________________________________________________Legends — myths and religions — called them by many names. One group was our protector, the other an enemy. Both knew the secret of human origins. Both had different agendas. Both remained undisclosed until now.__________________________________________________________Living in Los Alamos, New Mexico, a small town already shrouded in secrecy, disappearances and the unusual, Travis Marshall’s life spirals out of control after a sudden and horrendous tragedy. One year later, when tragedy strikes again and this time his father, a molecular biologist at the illustrious Los Alamos Laboratories mysteriously vanishes and his own life is put in jeopardy, Travis discovers more than the truth behind his disappearance. In a race against time and aided by an unusual band of outsiders, he finds himself thrust into a dangerous game of cat and mouse in which the outcome could change everything. Beneath a blanket of ancient lies, global cover-ups and genetic tampering he’s about to uncover not only the origins of mankind, but also come face to face with those who threaten the fate of the human race. The answers to the greatest questions of all time have never been as terrifying, exciting or troubling.__________________________________About UNDISCLOSED is a thriller about the origins of mankind, conspiracy theories, the choices we make, and the secrets that are kept from us. Filled with suspense, adventure and a slew of characters that you will love, the book delivers an incredible thrill ride and an unforgettable original story. Book 1: Undisclosed — amazon.com/dp/B009CYPHDU/Book 2: Retribution — amazon.com/dp/B00NCGWNFO/Book 3: Clandestine- amazon.com/dp/B00RDU3WIM/ Read more