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    Defenders of Asgard 1: Shadow Walker

    Part Zombie. Part Dragon. Kick-Ass Demigod.Fifteen-year-old Dash knows a bad hand when it’s dealt and survival is slim. He can spark Ragnarok as Loki’s second-in-command, or betray his family to prevent it. Either way, he’s in mortal danger.As he leads a team of demigods deeper into Helheim to locate the soul of a powerful necromancer, Dash can’t help thinking he’s made the wrong decision. Despite his dark magic and other life-draining skills, Death will likely reap their souls and resurrect them as zombies in Ginnungagap.Defenders of Asgard: Shadow Walker is the first book in a fun YA fantasy series based on Norse mythology, featuring compelling characters battling zombies and monsters in the underworld, surprising plot twists, and kick-ass demigods with awesome magic and weapons—and magical weapons.If you like Magnus Chase or Percy Jackson, then you’ll love Jonas Martin’s brand-new fantasy adventure.Buy Defenders of Asgard: Shadow Walker to discover this exciting new series today! Read more