• Young Adult

    Through an Emerald Gale

    In this action-packed fantasy adventure set in the land of Oz, Dorothy Gale is swept into a wild world where she must defeat the Wicked Witch and the Evil Queen to save her cousin. Partnering with a walking bag of straw, a lion-man, and a metal-armed teenager, Dorothy must contend not only with the oddities of Oz, but with the agents of the infamous Evil Queen as well. Camellia Snow, a handmaiden under the Evil Queen, also finds herself on a collision course with Dorothy, raising the stakes in a powerful epic where the fate of Oz hangs in the balance.
  • Romance

    In Broad Strokes: Clean & Wholesome Road Trip Romcom Romance

    In “The Unwedding Vow: Tyler’s Treasure” by [Author’s Name], shy college student Tyler poses nude for an art piece and hopes it will give him the courage to ask out a beautiful woman. However, when his painting is mistakenly shipped across the country, Tyler and the eccentric artist, Chase, embark on a hilarious road trip to retrieve it before it’s publicly revealed. Will Tyler’s secret be exposed, or will he and Chase be able to save him from the most mortifying moment of his life? Join them in this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy and find out!