Young Adult

    Broken Soul (The Scholar’s Legacy Book 1)

    After being a slave for longer than she can remember, Micasa escapes with the help of her new friend, Hawke Morau. She learns that Hawke’s soul has been broken into fragments, each of which holds a different power from his past. After the two set on a quest to recover the pieces of Hawke’s soul, Micasa learns of the mysterious essence that infuses all life, and grants its wielder powers that stretch far beyond the mortal realm. Soon, Micasa finds out that there is a lot more to the world they live in – and to Hawke – than she ever realized. Praise: ★★★★★ – “A highly satisfying fantasy read.” ★★★★★ – “Great new author with a distinctive voice.” ★★★★★ – “A promising opening to a new series.” Read more