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    The Soldier: Bratva Blood Prequel:

    In love, as in war, there can be only one victor. I wasn’t born a monster—they made me one.I wasn’t born a king—I claimed the right to be one.I was born a soldier—a fighter, a warrior. Waging war is in my very soul, bone deep and blood-soaked. There’s a new conflict on the horizon, time for me to defend my Bratva crown.Time for me to reap cruel vengeance on those who wronged me.Caught up in this is an innocent, a woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.They say every king needs a queen, and I’m about to claim mine; whether she likes it or not. This is the prequel novella to the Bratva Blood duet – please be aware this is a dark romantic suspense and therefore trigger warnings do apply.