• Mysteries & Thrillers

    Blood In, Blood Out: A suspenseful mystery thriller (Cooper and White Book 1)

    A MURDERED HUSBAND. A DANGEROUS PAST. Stay-at-home mom Kate Martinez’s life is turned upside down when her husband is stabbed to death, leaving her with no means to support their toddlers. Detectives Cooper and White are put on the case, and their only lead is the unusual knife left at the crime scene. Naïve Kate insists neither she nor her husband have any enemies. But as the weeks pass, she learns that her husband wasn’t at all the man she’d thought he was. Not only did he once belong to a street gang, but he was one of the gang’s most vicious members. What other secrets did he keep from her? By the time she figures everything out, it’s too late. NOTE: This murder mystery was once published as Sins of the Past. A lot is different in this new edition. No sex or violence. Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Cuckoo Uncaged: a Fast-paced Suspense Thriller That Will Keep You Hooked.

    ONLY SHE CAN PROVE HER INNOCENCE Yvonne Landis has escaped from a mental institution, where she was treated for psychosis. Accused of murder, she will stand trial once psychiatrists deem her fit enough to understand her charges. Only Yvonne knows that she didn’t kill her husband; her son Gabe did. Because she was onto him, he tricked the authorities into believing that Mom killed Dad. Having been traumatized in his tweens, he suffers from extreme anger issues. In order to deal with them, he must kill on occasion. Yvonne is determined to prove to everyone that not only did Gabe kill his father, but that he’s the one who’s truly dangerous, not she. That’s easier said than done, considering her fugitive status and the psychotic episodes she still experiences…
  • Horror

    Haunted Hardbodies: a Celeste Jones Paranormal Mystery Book 1

    Celeste Jones has always dreamed of owning a gym. So, when the opportunity arises to buy Six-Packs for peanuts, she’s thrilled. The fact that the previous owner claims the place is haunted doesn’t bother her one bit—she doesn’t believe in ghosts. With all her experience, she’ll revive floundering Six-Packs! Unfortunately, Celeste soon discovers that the gym IS haunted by a feisty ghost named Lennie. Lennie used to own the building that houses Six-Packs, and he was a slumlord. Lennie approaches Celeste and tells her he must solve five crimes before he can enter the next world to atone for being a terrible person in life. At first, Celeste ignores Lennie’s badgering ways. But then one of the gym members suffers a mysterious death—and only Lennie seems to know who’s behind it. Celeste has no choice but to help Lennie solve his first crime or it’s over for Six-Packs, leaving not only Celeste broke, but her employees without a job. NOTE: Haunted Hardbodies is a stand-alone cozy murder mystery for people who like to laugh. If you’re a fan of traditional, serious mysteries, it’s probably not for you:) The next two book in the series are now available!