• Romance

    Falling Fast (Westmount Island Book 1)

    What if love at first sight was real? ELLA I fell in love on a ferry. Sounds like the headline for a cheesy made-for-tv movie, doesn’t it? But for me, Ella Michaels from Westmount Island, it’s the truth. Marcus is nothing like me. He’s confident, bold, sexy, and oh, did I mention he’s a millionaire? And for some reason, he’s apparently crazy about me. Even though most of my friends are from the books that I read and I can’t use a real swear word without sweating. But the island is my home, and he’s a big city billionaire. What happens when his visit is over? MARCUS I did not want to come to this island. I definitely did not want to enjoy small-town life. I absolutely did not want to fall for a woman who puts Disney princesses to shame with her beauty and heart. But that’s exactly what happened the second I met Ella. She’s the calm to my storm and she’s making me re-evaluate what’s really important in life. It turns out, the answer to that isn’t money or success. It’s love. How do I prove to her that our lives may be very different, but I’ll do whatever it takes to be with her? Read more
  • Romance

    Loving Callie: A Lucky Strike Lovers Novel (Lucky Strike Lovers Quartet Book 1)

    A doctor walks into a bar…  Callie Scott works tirelessly to help her patients as an emergency room physician, and just as tirelessly to try and please her uptight, conservative parents. She’s successful at one, and not the other. The only thing powerful enough to make her question her reluctant obedience is the love of a man who will help her see that she deserves to be happy on her own terms. Jake Evans has one goal: To open a brew pub in honor of his late grandfather. Falling for the gorgeous doctor who stitches up his arm after a renovation accident is not part of his plan. But when their paths keep crossing, he realizes letting love in might be the best decision he’ll ever make. Their relationship will put everything on the line for Callie, as she has to choose between the only family she’s ever known, and the future Jake promises her. Read the debut novel reviewers say is “Everything I want in a contemporary romance” and “An insta-love story done right.”