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    Shattered Intel: (A Kyle Shatter Thriller Book 1)

    *** Amazon #1 Best Selling Author ***New recruit Kyle Shatter must give everything and prove himself to join the most powerful agency in the world known as Sintac in this heart-stopping new thriller from bestselling author Julia Payne. Kyle Shatter – graduated top of his class at Harvard, quick on his feet, and loyal to his country without bounds. For this, Sintac, the most secretive intelligence agency in the world, designed to thwart terrorist offensives before they sprouted, recruited him. No family, no friends, and no life, he sacrificed all in the name of service to his country.Sintac used its immense surveillance ability to protect the country. It operated at such high levels of secrecy that even congress did not know they existed. With zero oversight, and no accountability, they expanded in size, reach, and ability, until they acted with impunity were immune from consequence.Follow Shatter as he learns new things about himself, develops new skills, undergoes hard lessons. Follow his journey as he descends into the cult of the intelligence service. Was thinking that the abolition of the principles on which the country was founded worth the price of security?Shatter rose through the ranks to be one of their key agents, taking on classified operations in the pursuit of American global dominance. But who exactly was he benefiting? The people? The government? The President? Even he didn’t fully know.Then one day, it all went horribly wrong, and he found himself clinging to life, left for dead, and out in the cold. ★★★★★ “Thrilling and edge of your seat reading.” (Amazon Review)★★★★★ “You will be hooked from the first page.” (Amazon Review)★★★★★ “You will be thoroughly entertained until the very last page.” (Amazon Review)
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    Nowhere to Run: (McCall Junction Romantic Suspense Book 1)

    DescriptionA peaceful town nestled at the foot of rising hills and a glacier lake becomes the scene of strange murders. Bodies of unidentifiable women start popping up across town. One murder after the next without any possible clues and rhyme or reason, but heavy with symbology alter the tenor of the town.Chris Clapman leaves town the week bodies start showing up. He leaves and never tells anyone where he is going. When the bodies start showing up, the cops have no way of tracking who the victims are much less who the perpetrator is. But just because he has left town does not mean that he escapes the pain the city is put through. He has his coming as well.Follow the case and the clues that are in plain sight as the town of McCall Junction tries to find the person behind a spree of murders and stains this once-pristine town with the blood of strangers. Who do you think it is?This is the first book in a six-part series. As the clues in this book are presented, take note because they will be needed as you navigate your way through the other five books. Get your self to McCall Junction and grab a seat at the diner while you watch the suspense, thrill, and pain unfold. Get your copy now and come back for the other five in the series.