• Young Adult

    Don’t Tell Mom I’m Undead

    Talking Cats, Poltergeists and two a.m. soccer. Undeath doesn’t get better than this. Vampire Rule #1 Don’t bite the vampire(I know, but it’s HARD)Vampire Rule #2 Don’t bite the dog(werewolf. Also ew)Vampire Rule #3 Don’t eat the cat(Like I was going to)Vampire Rule #3 Don’t bite the sorcerer(Scratch that. He totally deserves it) After Isabel is turned by her almost-boyfriend, the hottest vampire around, she’s sure that things are looking up, but when she wakes up in the crypt, he’s off playing Horseman of the Apocalypse for the Master of Darkness. Whatever. Like she needed him anyway.With the Rabble Rebels after her, and things weird with Vlad, being freshly undead isn’t as awesome as she thought it’d be. And then there’s the soul stuff. She still has her soul, but it’s weak, and every time she bites Vlad, it gets weaker. Good thing she’s got a mystical cat to help keep her bloodlust and soulless at bay. With an impractical scythe and a case of tuna, she can face anything, even Vlad’s best friend’s psychotic mom. Um… Once upon a time, there was a girl who kind-of-sort-of liked a vampire. Since she was dead, she thought undead would be an upgrade. Little did she know that immortality came at a price. Did I say price? I meant prices. Like I had to pay for every single unbreath I didn’t take. It’s like taxes plus cover charges plus interest rates, like seven hundred percent interest and all because I thought it would be a good idea to hang around instead of walking towards the light or whatever. Note to self: Next time, walk towards the light, not the gorgeous vampire whose demon is fixated on you. Other Complete Series By Juliann WhickerDarkly SweetWatergirlButcher, BakerHouse of SlideMonster coming Spring 2020 Read more