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    A Guide to Unified Mindfulness: Three Skills to 10x Your Happiness, Any Time, Anywhere

    A Guide to Unified Mindfulness: Three Skills to 10X Your Happiness—Any Time, Anywhere offers a research-supported method for:●Addressing all the challenges you face–including stress, anxiety, sleep problems, rumination, painful emotions, lack of motivation, loneliness, illness, injury, or any other difficulty●Increasing happiness and fulfillment, including greater access to rest, energy, and positive emotion, understanding yourself better, and experiencing better connection in personal relationships●Heightening focus, productivity, presence, mastery of your inner experience, and peak performance skills This book also:●Comes with free access to an engaging video series that reinforces and deepens your learning●Speaks to people at all levels of meditation and mindfulness experience–from beginners to advanced practitioners●Gives clear, easy, step-by-step instructions for a powerful mindfulness meditation approach that will help you to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled, and more productive life●Gives you specific meditation skills for any situation, for example while you’re eating, playing a sport, or in a meeting; you’ll enjoy each of these more and become more effective●Makes meditation portable so you can take it with you to practice any time, meditate more, and get better results●Helps you figure out which mindfulness technique to use and when ●Empowers you to understand all types of meditation and mindfulness ●Helps you wade through the hype and claims in the fields of mindfulness and meditation to find what works for you●Comes from Julianna Raye, a mindfulness teacher with decades of experience and the head trainer of mindfulness teachers at Unified Mindfulness