• Young Adult

    Along Came A Spider (The Legends Chronicles Book 1)

    Little Hacker Muffetsat on her tuffetdestroying her cords and Way.Along came a hacker named Spider,who sat down beside herand frightened his opponent away. When Fet, one of the most skilled hackers in the Legends, discovers her best friend and leader of her group has been abducted and held for ransom, she must escape unnoticed and find Peep before it’s too late. When Spider, a new recruit training to join her hacker ring, slips out with her and claims to have a plan to save her friend, Fet is forced to bring him along. As she discovers he’s not who he claims to be, she faces grave danger and learns just how deadly a spider bite can be.
  • Young Adult

    Golden (The Golden Trilogy Book 1)

    Goldilocks wasn’t naive. She was sent on a mission and Dov Baer is her new target. Full series + bonus stories now available! "GOLDEN is a daring retelling full of intrigue, betrayal, danger, and just the right amount of swoon. You will never see ‘Goldilocks’ the same way again! A must read!"-Sherry D Ficklin, author of QUEEN OF SOMEDAY "A fast-paced and thrilling dystopian with a surprising fairy tale twist, GOLDEN is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games or Divergent looking for their next favorite series." -Lyssa Chiavari, author of FOURTHWORLD "A cunning and witty fantasy story that turns an old tale into a high-stakes, thrilling adventure that will leave you clamoring for more. I have a new hero to root for! Auluria is the perfect character in this fun-fill story that turns Goldilocks upside down. " -Jennifer Anne Davis, author of THE TRUE REIGN SERIES Goldilocks wasn’t naive. She was sent on a mission and Dov Baer is her new target. When Auluria tricks the Baers into letting her into their home, they have no idea she’s actually been sent by the enemy to destroy them. Intent on gathering information for her cousin to hand over to the Society seeking to destroy all of the rebel factions—including her own—she’s willing to sacrifice Dov Baer to save her people…until she realizes her cousin lied to her. Now that she’s seen who Dov truly is, she has to decide between staying loyal to her only remaining family or protecting the man she’s falling for. If her allegiances are discovered, either side could destroy her—assuming the Society doesn’t get her first. Perfect for fans of The Lunar Chronicles, Divergent, The Hunger Games, and The Selection Series. Series + Suggested Order: Golden (Book 1) Forged (prequel novella—Auluria’s story) Locked (Book 2) Edge (Book 3) Golden Complete Series (with exclusive prequel, Tempered—Dov’s story) *Additional bonus scenes on newsletter and Facebook Messenger