• Children's

    Free from the Tracks: New Zealand teens in love (Troubled Book 1)

    Lost and found. What if their abandonment drove her into his arms? A New Zealand teenager finds herself the victim of a cruel gang, with her school crush at the centre. Sophia’s harboring a secret. She’ll do anything to stop them finding out. It’s her weak point. They can’t know. But she’s liked Dane since her first day of high school. He keeps the poisonous group in order, but unfortunately Sophia’s nemesis also has him in her sights. As her world collapses, Sophia continues to admire him from afar. It’s safer that way. Until he kisses her. And puts a target on her back. Awarded a 5* review from Readers’ Favorite.“Talented K T Bowes once again demonstrates her versatility as a writer with Free from the Tracks. She captures their trials as she develops their characters.” If you like teen books with a dose of reality, you’ll love Free From the Tracks. Other books in the series:Sophia’s DilemmaA Trail of LiesGone Phishing Read more
  • Religion & Spirituality

    Perpetual Winter: A Moral Fantasy (A Keeper’s War Book 1)

    The last hive has fallen.Only one queen remains.Should the world trust its fate to an angry sixteen year old? They told her the hive wasn’t real. They said she shouldn’t let her imagination run wild. They told her it was time to grow up and stop day dreaming. Estefania’s privileged childhood is finished. It ended with the arrival of the Forlornn battleship which brought danger with it on the next high tide. The natural world is in turmoil and an unexpected winter begins without warning. The bees are disappearing and the City of Men doesn’t care. But Estefania knows the hive she visits is real and so are the bees. She knows because she’s the last queen. This is the first book in A Keeper’s War trilogy. Start reading today and never again view bees in the same way.
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Dead Straight (The Curly Fan Club Book 1)

    What does sex lube, a murder, and a secret guild of women have in common? Kit Maguire is the link. That, and her discovery that the purple-willy-shaped tube of lube is fantastic for styling her wayward hair. A national disaster means the lube is in short supply and the hunt is on to find more before Kit’s curls turn to frizz. The Women with Curls guild is desperate for a demonstration but Kit isn’t keen on sharing what little she has left. When the handsome Jackson Delaney arrests her for the murder of her boss, Kit is faced with life in prison and the threat of a permanent ponytail. It’s up to her flat mates to discover who really killed the lovely Mr Roy, but can the two vicars and an absent-minded scientist find the key to Kit’s innocence before it’s too late? Start reading this hysterically funny novel today. The queen of curly hair herself has called it, ‘Hairlarious.’
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    About Hana: A New Zealand Mystery (The Hana Du Rose Mysteries Book 1)

    What could be good about an attempted hit and run?That might depend on who watches it happen. “This mystery series should be banned! I’ve done nothing but read all week!” Pintorider If life begins at 40, then Hana’s could be over at 45. She’s got herself a stalker and he’s watching everything she does. What could he possibly want from a widowed admin assistant with no social life? She thinks she’s boring, but someone clearly doesn’t. Hana’s flagging love life kick starts when she drops her handbag at a stranger’s feet. The thing is, he’s not really a stranger. They’ve met before. She just doesn’t remember. As things heat up in Hana’s office at the local high school and blood is shed, she needs to work out what the blond man wants. Before he kills her. And just takes it. Start reading About Hana today and lose yourself in this long running series set in stunning Aotearoa, New Zealand. Awarded a 5 star review by Readers’ Favorite. Readers say;“Superb storytelling.” Leanne“I couldn’t put this series down.” Amazon Customer Continue reading with the other books in this series;Logan Du Rose (Novella)About Hana Hana Du RoseDu Rose LegacyThe New Du Rose MatriarchOne HeartbeatThe Du Rose ProphecyDu Rose SonsDu Rose Family TiesDu Rose VendettaTama Du RoseThe Hana Du Rose Mysteries Boxed Set (Books 1-4)Phoenix Du Rose
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    The Actuary: A Rural English Affair (The Calculated Risk Book 1)

    If you hid in plain sight, would he find you?No. Because he isn’t looking. When Emma sees a face from her past at a friend’s wedding, she runs. It worked once before and besides, how would he find her? But this time, he does. He always knew her location. He just stopped caring. Rohan Andreyev is an actuary. Some actuaries sit in an office and calculate risk. Others hunt down the risk and eliminate it for a fee. It’s the sinister side of loss adjusting. It’s the part he likes most.Emma is the risk he didn’t eliminate and when she stumbles across him by chance, it’s an invitation to right the wrong. Emma is sucked into a life she once escaped, driven there by poverty and desperation. But the real threat isn’t just to her safety now. There’s something much more valuable at stake this time. Readers say, “This was impossible to put down.” Other novels by this author:Logan Du RoseAbout HanaHana Du RoseDu Rose LegacyThe New Du Rose MatriarchOne HeartbeatThe Du Rose ProphecyDu Rose SonsDu Rose Family TiesDu Rose VendettaTama Du RoseThe Hana Du Rose Mysteries Boxed Set (Books 1-4)Phoenix Du Rose The ActuaryThe Actuary’s WifeThe Actuary in Trouble Demons on Her ShoulderPirongia’s SecretDeleilahAll Saints Free from the TracksSophia’s DilemmaA Trail of LiesGone Phishing Perpetual WinterThe Bee QueenHive Dead StraightBad Hair Day