• Horror

    Netted : the Beginning

    Enter the dark and twisted world of the dark web, where a psychotic serial killer and a blood-sacrificing cult threaten the lives of Dale and Jessica. Will they escape, or become part of the killer’s deadly collection? Get ready for a thrilling horror series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Claire’s Apocalypse : a Zombie Science Fiction Horror Short Story

    The world may be doomed by her mistake…unless she has the will to save it. In the laboratories of the nation’s secret Bioweapons Division, Dr. Claire Lyle houses vials that could trigger the apocalypse. After a decade of neglecting her husband and daughter to develop the virus, Claire has finally created the most infectious microbe known to man. Excited to share the news about her creation, she gives an update on the project to her new superior, only for him to demand it be destroyed. With all hope of negotiating for the project’s survival gone and a broken promise remaining where an effective vaccine should have been, Claire is forced to choose a different path, one which includes a distraught co-worker who is full of damning secrets. Read more