• Romance

    Love, Furballs & Forever

    Who needs a man, when you have cats? An enemies to lovers sweet romance featuring a bundle of kittens and one grumpy cat! Juliet Connelly, manager at Furs Hill Animal Rescue, left the man she’d planned to spend her life with three years ago. He betrayed her, took her money, and lied to her, smashing her heart. She’s not willing to risk it again. Love is not on the table. Carlisle Danvers has spent the last six months hiding. His time as a successful actor made him wealthy, but at a price. His heart was shattered. He turned away from the acting world and sought solace in Saffron Springs with his beloved cats, away from fame, away from the intrusive media, away from everything, especially love. When Juliet and Carlisle first meet, she’s convinced he’s an entitled, difficult actor. So why does she keep thinking about him? All Carlisle wants is to retreat back to his home, his cats, and his quiet life, but the beautiful determined Juliet bothers him.When he accepts a patron’s role at Furs Hill, they find themselves thrown together, and he can’t deny the attraction between them. As they feed abandoned kittens, plan charity events, and learn more about each other, their relationship deepens and dislike morphs into something breathtaking and heart thuddingly scary. Will their blossoming love among the kittens be enough to stop them from pulling back and risking their hearts? Will they give in to their feelings and give true love a chance? This is a full-length sweet contemporary romance set in the frantic, fur-filled world of animal rescue. If you love happily ever afters, quirky animals, and swoony romance, this book is for you. *Previously published as The Broken Billionaire* Books in this series: Puppy Love (an exclusive friends to lovers novella available to newsletter subscribers)Love, Furballs & Forever (enemies to lovers and a bundle of cute kitties)Love, Pawprints & Promises (a second chance at love, and one clumsy cute pup who will steal your heart and your shoes)Love, Happiness & Hounds (broken hearts mend surrounded by healing pups)Love, Kittens & Kisses (first love blossoms following a dramatic kitten rescue)