• Young Adult

    A Bond of Venom and Magic

    Betrayal. Divided loyalties. War. One story. Two sides. And a bond that might break their world apart. Diamond Gillon dreams of a life beyond the confines of the small farming town where she has grown up. She has suffered years of torment because of her mixed fae and human heritage. But for reasons he won’t fully explain, her father refuses to let her leave. When her home is attacked, her only escape is with a band of warriors led by an arrogant human prince, and a dangerous fae warrior who stirs her heart in a way he shouldn’t. Not when he serves the fae queen. Far from all she knows, Diamond discovers that the fae world is a cruel and terrifying place. Her dream of freedom soon turns into a nightmare. One where the magic she hides is condemned and discovery means certain death. The ruthless, yet devastatingly handsome fae warrior confuses her with his kind gestures, yet harsh words. When he does the unthinkable and defies his queen to save Diamond, both of their lives are changed forever. His actions create a forbidden bond, one that should never exist. But Hugo Casimir’s life belongs to the fae queen. There is no escape for either of them. Drawn deeper into Hugo’s life, danger lurks at every turn. Will Hugo betray all he has ever known for their forbidden bond, or will he serve his queen and become the biggest threat Diamond has ever faced? Read now to find out! A Bond of Venom and Magic is a fast-paced high fantasy slow-burn romance ideal for fans of Sarah J Maas. You will love this spectacular world, steeped in fae, dragons, romance, war, and broody fae warriors. This book is a full-length novel and is the first in a complete series that contains some mild cursing and sexual content. (reading order set out below) “I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars! This was seriously one of the best books I’ve read all year! I was sucked in right away with the first page and found it to be such a breath of fresh air! Jewels like this come few and far in between. It was such an extremely FUN, magical, and fantastic read. I found myself excited to continue reading it.” Verified Amazon Customer. “Can I just say WOW!! This book was an amazing magical fantasy adventure! This is a new author for me, but I love fantasy so I was excited to read this. The author did not disappoint! Diamond and Hugo…Oh my gosh…love the characters even though it’s complicated. That just adds to the suspense! I love this book and I am so excited to read the next one! This book gets 5***** from me all the way around. Excellent suspenseful fantasy magic-filled book! You have got to check this book out!” Verified Amazon Customer Karen Tomlinson’s books: The Goddess and The Guardians series: Prequel: A Bond of Destiny and Dragons (full length) free on mailing list sign-up. www[dot]karentomlinson[dot]com/socialBook One: A Bond of Venom and MagicBook Two: A Bond of Blood and FireBook Three: A Bond of Sovereigns and Souls Book Four: A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice. The Goddess and the Guardians Boxset: over 1500 words of fantasy, romance, & fae warriors! The Eight Kingdoms series:1. Blessed King (Duet book 1)2. Wiccan Queen (Duet book 2)3. Emerald Warrior (Standalone) Shadow Sentinels Series (18+ Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance):1. Shadow Sentinels-Beginnings2. Wrecked3. Ruin4. Reign Shadow Sentinels Boxset Collection available in e-book, print and hardback Shadow Sentinels World Series (18+ Standalone PNR)1. Alpha Scorned2. Broken Alpha About The Author:See Karen Tomlinson’s bio: https://www.karentomlinson.com/bio/Don’t miss out on any release news join my mailing list here: (Copy and Paste into your browser) https://www.karentomlinson.com/social Read more