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    Why Juan Can’t Sleep: a Mystery?

    “Crosses cultural boundaries.… Lovely exploration…fabulously rich and evocative of the artistry of Shel Silverstein” – M. Condon, Unite for Literacy. Crazy day—of work and play—worn-out Juan “Must sleep!” Tonight he’ll dream of dragons…or will he? “Original…intriguing…entertaining…reader-friendly,” – Midwest Book Review. Young and old will identify with this funny, spooky quest for rest. 290 words for reluctant readers (some tongue twisters) by best-selling, award-winning author and college media instructor Karl Beckstrand (Arriba up, Abajo down at the Boardwalk—see all of Beckstrand’s 60+ multicultural stories). Get this comical bedtime thriller and Utah Book Award finalist today. Kids love the search activity and clever illustrations by Spanish artist Luis F. Sanz (Bright Star, Night Star: An Astronomy Story) that aid comprehension and help build vocabulary (especially adjectives) for kids ages 4 – 7, preschool – second grade. #4 in the Mini-mysteries for Minors (multicultural/multilingual) series; stand-alone—previous title not needed. Others in series: Sounds in the House: A Mystery, Crumbs on the Stairs – Migas en las escaleras, She Doesn’t Want the Worms; It Came from under the High Chair. Look inside! The perfect length picture book for kids (not too long for adults): 32 full-color pages. 8″x10″ soft/hard cover children’s book/ebook for wide awake kids; Hispanic child/Latino boy; Spanglish verse. None of our picture books discuss gender or orientation. Premio Publishing & Gozo Books (worldwide rights © Aug. 2012) PremioBooks, libraries, and all major distributors. LCCN: 2012914948, GAM020000, JUV011030, JUV010000, JUV028000, JUV019000, JUV054000, hard ISBN: 978-1951599041, soft ISBN: 978-0615692296 (eISBN: 9781301287598) Read more
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    Agnes’s Rescue: The True Story of an Immigrant Girl (Young American Immigrants Book 1)

    #1 in the Young American Immigrants (nonfiction) series. Experience a true adventure through the eyes of a child who walked it (portrayed in the film, 17 Miracles). Nine-year-old Agnes hopes for a better life in the USA—but will she survive the journey to her new home? Leaving her brother in Scotland (her father already lost at sea), Agnes sails with her mother and siblings to New York in 1856. They take a train to the edge of the Western Frontier in Iowa then walk westward 1,200 miles, with little food. Somewhere near the Continental Divide, Agnes’s shoes wear out. In blizzard conditions, she must now cross the Rocky Mountains—barefoot. An inspiring account of courage and faith for children 6 – 11 years (first – sixth grades); 1,500 read-aloud words from Agnes Caldwell Southworth’s autobiography and set in an important era of American pioneer history; retold by award-winning author and college media instructor Karl Beckstrand (Horse & Dog Adventures—see Beckstrand’s 60+ multicultural books) and Veara Southworth Fife Get all four biographical children’s books in this hybrid series (standalone, previous titles not required, LDS): Ida’s Witness, Anna’s Prayer, Samuel Sailing. 32 full-color illustrations, 8.5″x8.5″, hard cover, soft cover, or ebook about immigrant kids, families, 4th of July, travel, and moving; Premio Publishing & Gozo Books (worldwide rights © April 2021), lesson plans/online secrets: Premiobooks, libraries, and all major distributors; LCCN: 2021931888; JNF053240, JNF025200, JNF007120, JNF057000, JNF038060, JNF007080; soft ISBN: 978-1975888831, hard 978-1951599119, eISBN: 978-1005577032 Read more