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    Secrets’ (Bonanza Brides Find Prairie Love Series Book 1)

    Available as part of a super value boxed set AMZN.COM/B06XJ8NT6N (copy and paste the link into your browser) Ruby Jones, once a happy wife now a widow at twenty-two! She was left to raise their three-year-old daughter Eliza alone, with no means of income. Out of desperation, Ruby responds to an ad, hoping this could be the answer to her prayers. Running out of a plan, she took the risks and traveled out West with her daughter to meet her anonymous husband and courageously face their unknown future.Why is a blackberry patch so important to them? Will she get through the challenges that will test her strong faith? Where had Matthew been the past couple of days that had him terribly injured? Bonanza Brides Find Prairie Love SeriesBook 1 Secret’sBook 2 BobbedBook 3 Broken LoveBook 4 The School MasterBook 5 Vagabond HeartBook 6 Mary’s English GentlemanBook 7 The Lost BrideBook 8 Belle’s TrainBook 9 Fallacies of LoveBook 10 Dulcimer HammerBook 11 Charlotte’s LoveBook 12 Olivia’s OrphanBook 13 Hana Read all the Books by bestselling author Kat Carson 1.Novels Mail Order Brides of The West Series 2 BookNovel 1 MaryNovel 2 Abigail 2.Mrs. Eva Crabtree Matrimonial Service Series 13 BooksBook 1 Mrs. EVE CRABTREEBook 2 Charlotte and ElaineBook 3 SylviaBook 4 Katie and JaneBook 5 Trixie, Bella and EvaBook 6 Rose, Annie and LauraBook 7 JenBook 8 Violet, Georgina and LanaBook 9 Annabel, Suzy, Lizzie and MabelBook 10 Marnie, Esme and TinaBook 11 Ana and LedaBook 12 Double TroubleBook 13 Rose 3.Holiday Valentine Mail Order Bride Sweet Romance Book 1 Natalie’s Journal Book 2 Florist Annie Book 3 Cassidy’s Doctor Book 4 Baker Lainey 4.Christmas Cowboys Holiday Romance Series Book 1 Mail Order, Maybe? Book 2 The Christmas that Almost Wasn’t and the Miracle that Saved it All Book 3 love and forgiveness 5.Love Me Love My Dog Western Romance Book 1 Jessica’s Teacher Book 2 Dawn’s Doctor Book 3 Georgia’s Cold Heart and Cats Book 4 Mary’s Twin Trouble and Zoo …“These are stories of hope, fear, romance, suspense, and true love.”… Kat Carson’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American Mail Order Bride Historical Western box set romance series is enjoyable for all ages.