• Paranormal

    Lifting the Veil

    Psychic? Not if I can help it.I took a birthday trip to Salem on Halloween night, and now nothing will ever be the same.I have a haunting secret. One I can’t tell my family or friends without them locking me up in some loony bin. So, for now, I remain quiet and pretend not to get visions or see the ghosts that are haunting me. I pretend to be normal in this new boring job. Until one day, I can’t. And this time, there’s a witness. Regardless of how sexy he is or how he makes my heart skip a beat, he believes I’m certifiable.And he’s right. One-touch of a cold case file sends my life in a tailspin I didn’t see coming. One-touch was all it took, and now I have no choice.The only way to stop the crazy is to solve what the police couldn’t. In a case where the dead are multiplying, the clues are disappearing, and the hunky cop assigned to play babysitter is a nonbeliever, I’ll have to find a killer before he finds me and makes my murder next on his list. Read more