• Romance

    Fire Boy: A Pine Lodge Tale

    A year after the cataclysmic breakup of her engagement to long-time boyfriend Alan, twenty-seven-year old Heidi Pfeiffer is tired of doing of doing the walk of shame in her small upstate New York town. It is time for a fresh start, which is why she finds herself driving one dark and stormy night to Pine Lodge, an old-fashioned Adirondack resort, to begin a job as the new cook. Unfortunately, she starts right off on the wrong foot with Doug Barrett, the resort’s brooding “fire boy,” and Janet, the head waitress with a big chip on her shoulder and a nose for ferreting out gossip. It turns out Heidi’s not the only one with a guilty past and desperate need to start over. How much is she willing to risk her still wounded heart on her attractive but mysterious colleague, this fire boy, whose secrets may be even more troubling than her own? Read more