• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Kyrix: A Sci-Fi Alien Fated Mates Romance (Bride to an Alien Prince Book 1)

    Meredith always dreamed of being whisked off her feet by a prince—she just didn’t realize he’d be a blue-scaled alien warrior. Working a dead-end job in a chocolate shop, Meredith Sinclair has all but buried her dreams of finding happiness. But when a bland-looking man comes into the shop and starts asking her suspicious questions, the most ridiculous thing happens—he turns into a horned, seven-foot tall alien before her very eyes. Sent on an expedition to determine the intelligence of the human species, Lord Kyrix Yio’naeus doesn’t expect his cloaking device to break down on his first mission. When a human sees his true form, he has no choice but to take her back to his ship. But at the touch of her soft skin, his blood ignites like it has with no other female. When the Herkleian government orders Meredith transferred to a lab for study, Kyrix will do anything to save her. Is it possible a human could be the fated mate to an alien royal? And even if she is, will Meredith and Kyrix be able to escape his crew for a future together? Kyrix is a prequel to the Bride to an Alien Prince series. This standalone story has on-the-page heat, a guaranteed happily-ever-after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. Bride to an Alien Prince series:KYRIX (Meredith & Lord Kyrix) – Book 0ANAX (Lexi & Prince Anax) – Book 1ERYX (Olivia & Prince Eryx) – Book 2PRAX (Scarlett & Prince Prax) – Book 3RIVIX (Ivy & Prince Rivix) – Book 4MARKED FOR THE ALIEN PRINCE (Izzie & Prince Keveh) – Companion Novella Read more