• Romance

    Dirty Monsters: Forbidden Adoptive Brother Romance

    Sex, drugs, alcohol….I used anything it took to make the pain go away.Was I an addict?Maybe.But more than anything, I was lost… One stupid mistake landed me in rehab.Some place that’s supposed to make you learn how to cope and handle things better. Instead, I found myself craving a fix, but getting high in rehab wasn’t easy.Until I found a dark, tall, and sexy nurse who could take away all the pain.I could get high on him alone. How was I supposed to know the secrets he held?That he was the last person I should use for my next rush? Didn’t matter.His darkness called to me like a beacon in the night and I was hooked.Once I realized how forbidden he was, I only wanted him more. Even if there was a chance we may destroy each other in the process.I was willing to risk it. (This book is for adults only and contains scenes featuring specific issues which may make some readers uncomfortable. For further details, we have listed these on our websites katieraebooks.com or zoeydrakebooks.com) Read more