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    Vegan Diet for Beginners: Adopting a Vegan Diet for Weight Loss & Good Mental Health!

    Thinking Of Going Vegan But Afraid To Make The 1st Step? If So, Then "Vegan Diet For Beginners" Is The Right Book For You! What’s A Vegan Diet? A vegan diet means that you eat no animal products containing dairy products. Eradicating what makes up the majority of foods used up in the typical American diet can be extremely overwhelming. My first suggestion is transition in steps and don’t do it all at once. Take a slow start. Even if you’re not involved in the vegan diet this book is a great addition to your collection due to the informative section about desires. Ever have those desires for something crispy, or sweet and salty for some chocolate? Well, these needs are described in detail and suggests a healthy alternative that recognizes the vitamin deficiency and the food that would address that desire. For instance, have an impulsive desire for chocolate? It means our body might actually be craving magnesium which can be found in seeds, nuts, fruit and Legumes. Are you craving for sweet or sugary foods? Then your body might require carbon, sulfur, phosphorus or chromium. These vitamins are found in fresh fruits and broccoli just to name a few. Why You Should Buy This Book This book is the vital book for learning about the benefits of a vegan diet. It will helped you understand the science behind a vegan diet and showed to you that veganism was the way to go. The books explains in simple terms how a vegan diet is the sturdiest tool we have against disease and ailment. It is easy to read and will entirely change how you ponder about food. You’ll be hooked by the Introduction where the book tells you that by simply changing your diet, you can completely avoid heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. It also reexamines the myth about protein and depicts how not only vegans are getting sufficient protein, but that eating a lot of protein actually promotes cancer. This book teaches you how to eat in order to make your health best and longevity, and tells why you haven’t been educated proper diet before. The book lastly looks at the frightening truth as to why there is so much distortion about how we should be eating. This is a fantastic Vegan For Beginners Guide. Plain & Simple. Here’s what you’ll find inside this vegan diet guide: Introduction Why I wrote this book Why should you Read this Book Chapter 1: What is Veganism? Chapter 2: Reasons to Go Vegan Today 1. Long Life 2. Slimmer and Smarter 3. Healthy Planet 4.  Save Animals 5. Yummy and Easy 6. Meat, sometimes disgusting 7. Dairy as Source of Pus and Blood 8. Vegan fashion 9. How Flesh is formed 10. Save Money 11. You’re in good company 12. it’s not a religion 13. Glowing skin Chapter 3: The Do’s and Don’ts of a Vegan Lifestyle Don’t… Rely on packaged vegan foods. Forget about the protein. Just eat raw food. Do eat whole plant-based foods DON’T load up on vegan junk food DO drink plenty of water DON’T forget about protein Do Veganize Usual Meals DON’T forget about ethnic eateries Chapter 4: Best Approach for weight loss on a vegan diet 1. Lower in fat, cholesterol and calories 2. No Hormones 3. Vegan Diet Creates Food Awareness 4. Don’t Count Calories but Eat Real Food 6. Don’t Replace Meat 7. Power up with plant based protein powder Conclusion … Go ahead & Grab your copy now by scrolling to the top and clicking on the orange "buy now" button!