• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Oasis of Filth – Part 1

    Two well-known diseases combined with tragic effects, plummeting the world into chaos. Leprosy and rabies, turning people into something like zombies. I was there, and I watched it happen from the very beginning. But this wasn’t the undead, and the infected weren’t monsters. They were people. People who would feed and spread the disease. It was all too real. The best advice? Stay clean, stay alive. Before it all happened, I was a doctor in the Maryland suburbs, well into my sixties, practically a king in my community. After? A nobody. One of thousands shuffled inside the new walls of Washington, DC, a sanctuary, a place to keep the bad ones out. I figured I’d be stuck that way until I died. And then I met Rosa. Rosa meant hope. She meant there was a chance at something better. I knew it was crazy to follow her dreams of finding an Oasis, but I had to do it. Even after how it all ended, I’d probably do it again. Even if the world is broken beyond repair. —– The Oasis of Filth – Part 1 is the first book in Keith Soares’s gritty, realistic, and thrilling post-apocalyptic trilogy, winner of Red City Review’s Science Fiction Book of the Year Award. A best seller in Post Apocalyptic fiction! SPR review: 4.5 stars “The book sets up a believable and in many ways terrifying world, one which takes the zombie genre in a direction that can actually be called unique…” IndieReader review: 4 stars “…the tension steadily builds as the narrative progresses, exploding at certain moments with lively, exciting action scenes and gritty images…” “A post apocalyptic environment, and mind set, that is unlike any other I have ever read, and I have read literally over a hundred books by now dealing with post apocalyptic worlds.” “I didn’t mean to read this all in one day, but I had to stay up to finish it. Normally, I’m able to put even exciting books down and go to sleep, but this one kept me awake and wanting more.” “Every bit as good as the Walking Dead series.” “1984 mixed with The Stand, but much quicker paced.” “I’ve read a lot of zombie books, and this is one of the most disturbing I’ve read – because it seems so plausible.” “Keith Soares turns the world upside down in this page turner, giving readers an all-too-plausible look at what can happen. Tight dialogue and a fast-paced plot make Oasis of Filth one to be remembered.”