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    Steele Ridge: the Beginning: the Steeles Prequel

    Four Determined Brothers ~ One Broken Town ~ A Mountain of Secrets The Steele brothers have a problem. A big one. In his own way, each is slowly dying inside. Grif is jaded.Reid is unsettled.Britt is frustrated.Jonah is bored. But what none of them realize is their loyalty to their hometown will force them to decide between the life they each thought they wanted and a love they can’t live without. In The Beginning, the Steele brothers go all-in to save their small-town from bankruptcy, and readers will catch their first glimpse of Grif and Carlie Beth, Reid and Brynne, and Britt and Miranda. And let’s not forget the baby brother billionaire, Jonah, who has secrets of his own. Although all books are stand alones, if you would like to read the entire Steele Ridge series chronologically, the following is the correct order: The Beginning – The Steeles Going Hard – The Steeles Living Fast – The Steeles Loving Deep – The Steeles Breaking Free – The Steeles Roaming Wild – The Steeles Stripping Bare – The Steeles Enduring Love – The Steeles Craving Heat – The Kingstons Tasting Fire – The Kingstons Searing Need – The Kingstons Vowing Love – The Steeles Striking Edge – The Kingstons Burning Ache – The Kingstons