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    The New American Haggadah: a Simple Passover Seder for the Whole Family

    A Haggadah you can read from cover to cover. No decisions! No skipping! No guilt! A Haggadah long enough to cover everything, yet short enough to conquer boredom. A Haggadah that’s easy to follow, even for those who have never led or attended a Seder before. A Haggadah that encourages everyone to participate, without any confusion as to who says what. A Haggadah that celebrates freedom. A Haggadah that highlights traditional Jewish values alongside modern American ideals. A Haggadah that explains everything! ~~~~~ Updated: Now with Hebrew characters! This e-book version is for those participants who prefer to read on their Kindle ereaders, or their smartphones or tablets. Paperback copies and other digital formats are also available for purchase on Amazon, CreateSpace, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play. ~~~~~ ABOUT THE AUTHORS KEN ROYAL is a management consultant and writer. His articles, none of which are religious, have been published in the Gallup Management Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, The Orange County Register, and The Detroit News. He is also the co-author of one Haggadah, which not only celebrates his heritage but also the values of family and freedom he cherishes. Ken lives in Southern California and Michigan with his wife and two children. LAUREN ROYAL is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of many “truly enchanting” humorous historical romance novels—and one Haggadah, which isn’t humorous, although her family always seems to spend much of the Seder laughing anyway. Lauren’s books have earned raves from reviewers including Publishers Weekly, who calls her “an impressive talent.” She lives in Southern California with her family and their constantly shedding cat. ~~~~~ You might enjoy this Haggadah if you like: short, simple, and fun Passover dinners; easy Seder meals; events with children and family; or Reform Jewish holidays.