• Young Adult

    After the Darkness

    Magic destroyed the world…but her power might be the key to protecting what’s left. It has been ten months since the Darkness lifted and the eclipse that toppled civilization ended. The mighty Vemiir Empire that once stretched from coast to coast, now lies in ruins. Aurelia’s family is all she has left. They surround her with love, they fight to protect her, but they do not understand her. No one does. No one but another magi would. And as far as she knows, she might be the last of those. Magic was the downfall of the Empire, but magic is all Aurelia has to offer in this new world. A magic that her family fears and misunderstands. All she can do is hide it, bury it, and forget it and everything she went through to earn it. But the world is dangerous now, as well as full of possibilities. And Aurelia can’t help the feeling that magic not only has a place in it—it could be the key to learning how to survive, to grow, and to thrive in a world that’s been made completely new.