• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Love of Olympia: Tournament of Stars

    Live in chains, or die trying to become a free woman?Those were the choices of the Olympia Gold. The competition I’m participating in right now. One contestant in the other team caught my interest. Galia. No man has ever made me feel the way she has. But she’s such a reckless, gorgeous, pompous woman! Even so, perhaps she can help us… The only thing standing between us and freedom are six gruelling, fatal challenges and even more bloodthirsty crews battling for the glory of Olympia. I’m destined to work under the boot of the Corporation for the rest of my life, to pay the debt of my dead father’s addiction to the most violent competition in the galaxy. Everyone in my crew are servants. My best friend Devin and I obeyed the Totalitarian Corporation all of our lives. The other teams have more training, credits and are armed to the teeth with the most advanced tech the black markets have. If we fail, the Corporation will destroy us; take our lives and everything we ever cared for. Our chances are low, but I never felt so strongly about anything else. Is my will to survive enough to see us through? *** If you are a fan of the CyberPunk and Science Fiction genres you’ll definitely love this novel. For high-stakes action, excitement, and characters battling to victory against all odds, get your copy of Love of Olympia today! Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    When The Monsters Come: A Science Fiction Horror Experience (Shadows Beyond the Stars Book 1)

    When the Standing Ones sent us on a journey to explore the darkness far from the sun’s light, I never expected to find monsters there. Like something out of the scary tales my son so loved, they captured us while I slumbered. I woke with my crew, locked away in a cold thundercloud colored cage. The others looked to me for escape but all my plans had ended in failure and pain, so much pain. At the same time, the monsters began to take them away one by one. Pushing past those failures and the pain, I plotted my escape, I was born problem solver after all. I needed to warn my people of what awaited us among the stars and to see my boy again. To do so, I’d have to discover more about these monsters and their ways, revolting as that seemed. Read more