• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Find Her (The Erodium Trilogy Book 1)

    “A suspenseful and compelling thriller!” — Amazon Reader Review Robin Wray never looks back. When she was six her parents signed her over to the NIF, a government institution that turns gifted children into deadly soldiers. Decades later she’s a fragment detective who bends the law to track targets and crack cases, a job that has left her cynical and alone. Then the President’s granddaughter is kidnapped and the case lands on Robin’s desk, energizing her for the first time in years. Mac Barnes had one job — protect the President’s granddaughter. The fact that he survived the kidnapping is cold comfort. The child was taken on his watch. Now he’s in the hospital with no way to find her himself. Despite his guilt, Mac tells Robin and her rookie partner Tim what he knows so they can find the missing child, but what they find shocks the world. As the geopolitical climate hits a boiling point, the investigation leads Robin through a labyrinth of twists and turns that make it impossible for her to know friend from foe. To find the truth she’ll have to unravel a sinister conspiracy and confront her long buried past — before the missing child is used as a pawn to start World War III.