• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Flight of the Gazebo: an Epic Magic Fantasy Adventure

    Drome isn’t paranoid. The whole world is out to get him. And that world isn’t even Earth. It’s a weird hollow world that his entire village ends up in through a thaumaturgic accident. And to make matters worse, as soon as they arrive he’s taken hostage. If the creatures who abducted him, and took him to the Imperial Palace, don’t kill him first, there’s a queue of hostiles, sharpening their knives, right behind them. Luckily Drome escapes with the help of a living skeleton, but that relationship is more than a little strained by Drome’s unerring ability to annoy everyone he meets. Getting back to his village won’t be easy, seeing as he’s not even sure where it is. But he needs to return quickly and warn them of the homicidal troops on their way to wipe out every last person in it. That’s if someone else doesn’t kill him first.