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    Reflections in My Coffee With an Extra Shot of Life – Volume 1

    Why should you read this book? Because it’s really about you. You have a story that is worth careful consideration. Do you ever feel like life gets a little crazy and hard to handle sometimes? You’re not alone. And you’re not without hope. Each morning my wife Angelica and I like to enjoy our coffee together. There’s something amazing about having that first cup of coffee to start the day. It’s refreshing and glorious. And I wouldn’t trade that time with my wife for anything. But each sip of the cup comes with a visual reminder looking back at you to reflect on things in your life. Life happens. And it often brings up the same issues again and again. This first book contains some of my most popular blog posts that have helped many people in their own life experiences. And even though some of these were written a few years ago, I’m amazed at how relevant they still are today. I hope you enjoy them. Then be sure to connect with me on my blog page at http://obiehouse.com/blog for more about life, self-improvement, business, and being an entrepreneur. Audience participation is welcome. Blessings to you! Read, relax, share, enjoy! Read more