• Horror

    Prisoner of The Game: A Page-turning Psychological Thriller with a Shocking Twist

    The 1992 case of Carter Frye and his psychosis that left seven people dead went largely unnoticed by the media and the public. Told largely by Frye himself, he takes us into the deepest, darkest, and most disturbing places of his mind. Places that will chill your spine cold and give you pause before turning out the light to go to sleep. Frye believes everyone he meets should play ‘the game.’ Those who don’t, or violate the rules of ‘the game’ must pay a penalty, usually with their life. Frye doesn’t realize he, too, is a prisoner of the game. What will happen if he breaks his own rules? “Prisoner of the Game possesses an enthralling storyline and paintbrush beautiful description that’ll keep the pages turning. The Epilogue spoke volumes also, and gave some of the most incredible twists I have ever read in modern storytelling.” – Goodreads review. “From takeoff to landing, Prisoner of the Game is DEFINITELY one to have on any AND every bookshelf. If you like Karmic Flow as well as Karma Cutting, THIS STORY RIGHT HERE is the one you need!” – Goodreads review. “Prisoner of the Game is the type of story that’ll have people confront their Inner Demons, as well as face a plethora of uncomfortable truths about themselves.” – Smashwords review. “Mr. Provance uses an unorthodox style of writing which exercises Current Time and Flashbacks of the events which ultimately merge together towards the end. Mr. Provance’s style of writing and vividly brilliant imagination leaves the reader(s) AND MYSELFwanting, desiring, and craving more. When readers are wanting more, this is the VERY REACTION that EVERY author needs to master, and Kevin Provance has mastered this technique magnificently.” – Smashwords review. Read more