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    A Guide to Northeast Grains

    Flour. If you were asked to describe flour, you may immediately picture the white, non-descript powder sold in five-pound bags labeled “All Purpose” at your supermarket. However, as you will soon discover, that powder is the antithesis of what flour really is. Currently, the Northeast region is in the midst of a grain renaissance spurred by the work of dedicated farmers, millers, and bakers, who are profoundly passionate about alternative grains. This introductory guide is intended to provide home bakers and other interested consumers with the opportunity to learn more about regional grain history, the new grainshed, how grains are transformed from seed-to-flour, and baking with local flours, specifically wheat, spelt, rye, buckwheat, emmer, einkorn, and triticale. It features interviews with passionate grain advocates, contains recipes for delicious baked goods, and provides additional resources. As you read your way through this guide and eventually purchase your first bag of freshly-milled flour, you’ll discover a whole new world  – one that’s built on flavor and the bonds of community.