Young Adult

    Broken Bonds: First Love Young Adult Romance

    This can’t be real. I won’t accept it as my truth. There is no world where my sister can’t survive. I never thought I would fall in love in the wake of my sister’s demise. But there we were, fantasizing about a tomorrow I foolishly didn’t believe I deserved. Jenkins pushed me to the edge, catered to the destruction I would rather have hold my hand. He was a beam of arrogant light, and I was the illusion of a shadow. “We can’t pretend anymore, AJ. We have to stop suffering eventually. I promise I will catch you when you decide to live again.” But I hesitate with my tongue on the response he wants me to give. Even in the moonlight, I try and channel a mystic belief of renewal. Do all the stars shine brightly when another one dies? In celebration of their existence, do we continue to burn bright for them? ★ My only hope is our affection can thrive while pain is also present. ♥ Broken Bonds is the first book in the True Lies Series. Broken Bonds is a First Love Young Adult Romance. Read more